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Orientation: Mentoring, an asset to take the right decision

3 out of 4 students feel more confident after a Papyrus Mentorship session, why?

"It's a way to confirm that my choice to go to heart surgery is the right one!"

Quentin, 21 years old, 2nd year of medicine in Nice (06)

"I thought artistic studies were reserved for an elite."

Sarah, 17 years old, Literary Terminale in Montrouge (92)

"I decided to change my major after this first year of Bachelor's degree to enroll a study/work program more in line with my professional project"

Jérémy, 19 years old, 1st year English Bachelor will integrate a Study/Work program in International Business in Lille (59)

These three students have one thing in common: they all had an opportunity to exchange once or more with a Papyrus Mentor. Papyrus Mentors are not guidance counselors, they are active professionals. They can be architect, lawyer, surgeon, teacher, or financial director even community manager ...

The goal is to allow students, high school students or adults in professional reconversion, to meet through our platform a professional who can testify of his academic career, personal and professional journey. A Papyrus Mentor is above all a caring person who is driven by the desire to share his journey.

Students will be able to better understand the reality (daily, economic, etc.) of the job they are targeting, or, if they are uncertain, they will be able to target a training path leading them to a motivating field.

Professional mentoring for enlightened study career

26% of French workers reported having gone through a depression. In question, unsatisfactory work position that does not meet their needs and expectations.

Between dropping out and default orientation, many students enter the working life on a fragile basis and are not very aware of their needs. Papyrus wants to lead students to make informed decisions in accordance with their personal desires.

That's why Papyrus Parcours conceives mentoring as a collaborative construction of a career by valuing the soft skills of everyone. Indeed, among the criteria of recruitment of tomorrow jobs, appear in good place these softs skills: relational competences, and personal capacities which will make the difference within the frame of the company.

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04/02/2019 - Orientation: Mentoring, an asset to take the right decision

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