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The Papyrus Parcours digital platform was conceived and developed as a networking tool for people who would not have met otherwise, it creates social networking .

The project is focused on the accompaniment of Menteez for the development of their school and professional project : it is a co-creation through exchange.


Papyrus Mentors are active professionals in all fields with varied backgrounds (academic or not). They pass a selection stage with a Papyrus Tutor that allows us to confirm their motivation.

Indeed, the Mentor actively participates in the Papyrus Parcours project, therefore, they need to fully adheres and promotes our values : Justice, Social Ties and Progress.

How is mentoring done?

After registering and subscribing to the services, Menteez accesses a catalog of Mentors available for an individual video mentoring session.

Menteez contacts the desired Mentor for a first video mentoring session. During this contact, he can explain in a few lines his expectations and motivations, it helps the Mentor to prepare the exchange.

The videoconferencing lasts 35 minutes, the Menteez then has access to a chat with the Mentor that allows him to ask questions later. Depending on their needs and subscription, Menteez may decide to schedule a new session with the Mentor or another Papyrus Mentor.
The purpose of mentoring is to receive guidance and support to be able to take a decision about their study journey but also to prepare their integration into the professional world.

In the event of the desired field or work is not represented in the Papyrus Mentors list, the Menteez can contact a Tutor to find a suitable mentor.


The exchange with the mentor aims to transmit to high schoolers, students, their knowledge and experiences related to the culture of entrepreneurship in general.
The ultimate goal is to be able to make an informed decision about their academic and professional career .