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Papyrus Parcours offers a collaborative approach (Tutor, Mentor, Menteez) of orientation of high schoolers, students and adults in professional reconversion. The project is deployed in the accompaniment of Menteez for the development of their school and professional projects: this is co-creation through exchange.

Papyrus's digital platform has been conceived and developed as a networking tool for people who would not otherwise have met, it is helping to create social bonds.

The exchange with the mentor aims to transmit to high schooler & students, their knowledge and experiences related to the culture of entrepreneurship in general. Its purpose is to be an help to take decisions about their career and to get an integration into the professional world.

The Papyrus Mentors are active professionals in all fields with varied backgrounds (academic or not). They pass a selection stage with a Papyrus Tutor that allows us to confirm their motivation. Indeed, the Mentor actively participates in the project of Papyrus Parcours, therefore, they fully adheres and promotes the values of Justice, Social Ties and Progress.
Regarding his role, the mentor makes himself available on an ad hoc basis to establish an individualized relationship, with the objective of developing an orientation project with the Menteez.

The Menteez are high schoolers, students or adults in professional reconversion who wish to build or confirm an academic or professional orientation project.

The Tutors are members of the Papyrus team, they are professionals of orientation and Human Resources. They have the role of recruiting and accompanying the Papyrus Mentors to enable them to succeed in their mission.
Due to their specialized profile, they are also able to accompany Menteez who have difficulty in targeting their orientation.

A Webinar is a videoconference with a highly qualified professional who does not have availability for personalized mentoring. These conferences are outsourced in private rooms and limited access, they require pre-registration and subscription to a Standard or Premium subscription.

To enter a conference, each registered participant receive an email with a link to the room. They will be able to see and hear what the speaker says, and intervene in the chat to ask questions during the presentation. Only the speaker is physically visible (webcam).

Mentoring is organized and implemented to help Menteez to make decisions about their orientation in an individualized and formalized relationship.
When Menteez subscribes, he or she accesses a catalog of Mentors available for an individual mentoring session.
Menteez contacts the desired Mentor for a first video mentoring session. During this contact he can explain in a few lines his expectations and motivations, it allows the Mentor to prepare the exchange.
The videoconferencing lasts 35 minutes, the Menteez then has access to a chat with the Mentor that allows him to ask questions later. Depending on their needs and subscription, Menteez may decide to schedule a new session with the Mentor or another Papyrus Mentor. The purpose of mentoring is to help to take decision in terms of career paths and integration into the professional world.

In case where the desired field or work is not represented in the Papyrus Mentor list, the Menteez can contact a Tutor to search for an new mentor.

The mentoring session is done by individual videoconference. It lasts 35 minutes. Once this time has passed, the video exchange stops. The Menteez can then access a chat with the Mentor in his account. This chat is open for the duration of the subscription.

The Menteez can only contact the Mentor by messaging after a video Mentoring session. If he has any doubts about his choice, he can expose them to the Mentor when he send an appointment request for a mentoring session.

Yes. Thus, Papyrus Parcours have the will to be accessible to all, for that we have determined a fair and accessible access price of 14,99 € / month, without commitment of duration.

Currently, there are 3 subscriptions plan. These subscriptions may be modified or enriched, rates may be modified; subscribers will always be informed in advance.

Basic 14,99€ /month
1 session of mentoring /month
Unlimited chat (during the subscription)
Access to Papyrus docs

Standard 19,99€ /month
3 sessions of mentoring /month
Unlimited chat (during the subscription)
Access to Papyrus docs
1 webinar

Premium 34,99€ /month
6 sessions of mentoring /month
Unlimited chat (during the subscription)
Access to Papyrus docs
Unlimited Webinar

The services of Papyrus Parcours are accessible with a montlhy subscription without commitment. To stop the subscription, simply go to your account > my subscription.
Nevertheless, you must terminate it before its monthly renewal date. Any month started is due in its entirety without possibility of retroactive repayment.

Papyrus Parcours is a project of Papyrus Group.
Papyrus defends Justice by supporting the equality of chances, products Social Ties by creating an accessible network and is engaged in Progress, by developing and adapting technology to human but also by encouraging the development of the personal competences.
Papyrus helps make society better.

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Papyrus Parcours is based in France between Nice and Monaco.

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