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“Orientation is a right for all.”

Throughout life, orientation must be chosen, with studies as the determining period.

Papyrus Parcours supports 3 founding values

Papyrus Parcours défend l’égalité des chances


Papyrus Parcours créé du lien social


Papyrus Parcours défend le progrès et le bien-être


Papyrus defends Justice by supporting equal access to opportunities, products Social ties by creating a network and participates in Progress, developing and adapting technology to human but also by encouraging the development of personal skills.

“Orientation must be accessible to all!”

This is why Papyrus founded its association (which should soon obtain the status of Foundation). This association is notably endowed with private grants intended to finance projects of studies, entrepreneurship or ecological projects in the PACA region (South East of France).
Papyrus Group donates 5% of its income to the Association, which is mainly financed by sponsorship.

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